Online Event

ISLS Annual Meeting 2021 (Online Event)
Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future
Bochum, Germany, June 8-11
Workshops: June 1-7

Welcome to the ISLS 2021 Online Event

Online Event Platform Whova

Signing In

  • Event page URL: https://whova.com/portal/webapp/islsa_202106/
  • Code of Conduct: We invite you to join the ISLS 2021 event in a spirit of curiosity, friendliness, open-mindedness, and respect – https://2021.isls.org/code-of-conduct/
  • When signing in, make sure the email address matches the one you used when registering for ISLS Annual Meeting 2021. We recommend using Chrome as your browser for the web version of Whova.

Download the Official Whova App

download whova event app on Google Play

Whova for ISLS 2021 Online Event

As an ISLS 2021 attendee, you will interact with your fellow researchers before, during and after the event. We will use the online event platform Whova in order to create this new experience – an online event – keeping as much of what you love about conferences: interaction with your peers, meeting new people with common interests, having lively discussions and generating new ideas for your research. Zoom will be used to livestream all sessions of the conference. Each session will have an individual link and these will be listed in Whova, you can even watch the presentations in Whova itself.

Whova will allow attendees to access the program and interact with the speakers and organizers: 

  • View the conference Agenda and plan your schedule
  • Visit the Virtual Poster Exhibits even before the conference begins
  • Access Livestreams* and Videos directly within sessions and use the session Q&A
  • Set up Virtual Meet-Ups with your fellow attendees to connect remotely
  • Create and converse through various discussion topics in the Community Board

*Closed Captioning will be turned on for all paper sessions and can be turned off by attendees if they wish. 

Join us in the "Virtual Gardens"

At previous CSCL and ICLS conferences, Social Events have been an important part. This year, many of our social events will take place in the Virtual Gardens. This space is inspired by the Botanical Garden of Ruhr University Bochum and cultural aspects of the Ruhr Area in Germany:  rich fauna, ponds with Kois and other exotic fishes and historic coal mines. We augmented the Virtual Gardens with additional Locations that fit our social events. We invite you to explore the Virtual Gardens, talk with colleagues and friends at the lake or on a bench in the sun. For every social event, we invite you to participate in activities. Outside of the social events you can discover the Virtual Gardens on your own.

Virtual Gardens is implemented using Gather.Town, a 2D Virtual Space in which you can see yourself and others in a virtual “room” with the ability to move around and interact with other participants to allow for real-life like situations and interactions. Users can easily start and end conversations and chats or return to a main speaker just like at a real-world conference. You can simply walk your avatar to tables and chairs, sit down and start a conversation with other attendees.

Conference Format

We very much welcome you to become familiar with the conference format:

  • Paper sessions: Paper sessions are organized as multi-track sessions and include full and short paper presentations, symposia as well as interactive tools & demo sessions. At ISLS 2021, full and short paper presentations will be organized in thematic CSCL, LS and mixed paper sessions. All paper sessions will be recorded and made available (with closed captioning) for conference attendees up until three months after the event. 
  • Poster sessions: Even before the conference, we invite you to check out the Virtual Poster Exhibits in our poster sessions. Poster exhibits include research highlights, short videos and drop in live stream sessions to ask questions and discuss ideas. 
  • Social events: Please join us for networking ISLS 2021 reception, participate in a treasure hunt during ISLS 2021 Lounge, dance at our ISLS 2021 Social Event, interact with students at our Student Crossover Research Party. During Meet & Chill, you will have time to eat, participate in cooking events or join one of our meditation sessions. Please wait for more information under “Online Event” to find out more interesting information about the online event platform Whova and learn how to experience this online event to its fullest!

ISLS 2021 will be accessible already in Mid-May through our online event platform Whova:

  • May 1: Poster Presenters setup their Virtual Poster Exhibits in Whova
  • May 10: All Attendees receive an email to sign up & setup their profiles in Whova 
  • May 17: Orientation and Rehearsal Sessions in Whova start
  • June 1-7: Preconference Workshops & Mentoring Workshops take place outside of Whova
  • June 8: First day of the main conference


Zoom Backgrounds

Dress to Impress for the ISLS 2021 Welcome & Opening

Grab a shirt to celebrate our new Annual Meeting format and wear it during the ISLS 2021 Welcome & Opening Session!  Money earned from this campaign will go into ISLS 2021 Equitable Access Support.

Please use https://society6.com/isls2021 to get one of our ISLS 2021 Shirts.

Excited to see you all dressed up!