Aggregating Learning Sciences Knowledge Through Collaboratories

ISLS Annual Meeting 2021 (Online Event)
Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future
Bochum, Germany, June 7-11

Workshop Details

Workshop TitleAggregating Learning Sciences Knowledge Through Collaboratories
Workshop IDISLSWS_09
DateJune 1 & 2
Time16:00-18:00 (CET)


Britte Haugan Cheng, Menlo Education Research
Tiffany Clark, Menlo Education Research
Ann Edwards, WestEd
Timothy Podkul, SRI International

Workshop Description

The theme of the tutorial will be that collaboratories offer an innovative structure to support learning sciences challenges: better understanding of how implementation contexts and designs of tools and practices interact, how to share and aggregate this design knowledge, how to aggregate insights from RPPs, and how to support scaling of tools and practices. 

Participants will hear from four researchers who have participated in collaboratories, including what worked, what was challenging, and what resulted from these projects. Small group discussion will be interspersed with these case examples.

Expected Audience

The audience of this tutorial are those who wish to understand the benefits and challenges of working on cross-project collaboratories. This includes:

  • Researchers involved in design-based and implementation research who specifically study implementation contexts and wish to aggregate knowledge with those studying similar classroom practices or tools.
  • Researchers who are studying conditions for scaling practices or tools who also need to systematically study contexts of implementation.
  • Researchers engaged in researcher-practitioner partnerships (RPPs) who wish to share, compare and aggregate knowledge being developed would also be ideal participants in the sessions.
  • Researchers interested in this mode of work from a theoretical perspective.