Towards a Transnational, Decolonial, and Non-WEIRD Learning Sciences

ISLS Annual Meeting 2021 (Online Event)
Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future
Bochum, Germany, June 7-11

Workshop Details

Workshop TitleTowards a Transnational, Decolonial, and Non-WEIRD Learning Sciences
Workshop IDISLSWS_05
DateJune 3
Time15:00 - 17:00 (CET)


South Asian Learning Sciences Research Collective
Deborah Dutta ([email protected])
Gayithri Jayathirtha ([email protected])
Vishesh Kumar ([email protected])
Suraj Uttamchandani ([email protected])

Workshop Description

In this workshop, we seek to bring together voices and perspectives from across non-WEIRD (Western, “Educated,” Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) contexts to advance the learning sciences’ conceptions of learning and relevance for learners across the globe. By conducting this workshop, we aim to foster dialogues that move across various non-WEIRD contexts to better understand both contextually-situated specificities and larger lessons that can be learned by shared axiological attunements to core issues beyond those narrowly defined by western stakeholders. We will explore questions such as what different kinds and expressions of inequities can be surfaced when we prioritize lenses from different cultures (e.g., caste oppression), knowing that even the same lenses may have different expressions in different contexts (e.g., gender)? By the end of the workshop, we will generate shared artifacts and resources (e.g., shared annotated articles, relevant reading list) to catalyze continued engagement around the topic, to advance the conversation, and to work towards long-term projects (e.g., a special issue or conference proposals). A key goal is developing transnational solidarity across many non-WEIRD contexts. We see this as just one gathering towards a more long-term project.

Expected Audience

We aim to bring together between 10-30 learning scientists at various career stages and from a diverse range of non-WEIRD contexts.