Conference Theme

ISLS Annual Meeting 2021 (Online Event)
Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future
Bochum, Germany, June 8-11
Workshops: June 1-7

Conference Theme

"Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future”

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) is the first of its kind, the first of a new series of annual events that will bring together the international community of the Learning Sciences as a whole. This is a milestone in the evolution of our community and a good reason to reflect on and celebrate our achievements in the past, and to embrace and envision a bright future. 

In the past, ISLS has sponsored two conferences, alternating between them from year to year: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) and the International Conference of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). The new format brings both conference programs under one roof annually. The meeting in 2021 marks the first of the ISLS Annual Meetings. One annual meeting with two parallel programs respects the individual identities of each community at the same time as it recognizes their shared goal of understanding and improving learning broadly construed. The ISLS Annual Meeting invites academics, researchers, professionals, and educators to share and embrace their diverse views. The CSCL program focus is collaborative learning in technologically supported environments. Other learning sciences research, with and without technology, is appropriate for the LS program. Both programs invite empirical, theoretical, conceptual and design based work. 

We are honored to host the first ISLS Annual Meeting. It will take place in Bochum, a location with a history that reflects the theme of the conference. Bochum lies in the heart of Europe in a region that has been historically shaped by the heavy industries but also by the solidarity and conviviality of workers with a variety of cultural backgrounds. After the decay of the old industries, this spirit of solidarity is an important asset for embracing the present and future challenges. We hope this will inspire our growing international community, too.